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I hope our human race progresses to a point where we can all be casual, open and honest about our sexual attractions — which is not to say we jump into the nearest bushes after our eyes lock — only that we no longer play the tiresome games meant to deny the obvious.

I understand why women do this: Men are generally pigs. And no sooner would an unavailable woman show another guy her honest attraction than his ham-handed (pun intended), egotistical seduction would begin.

But women are equally at fault. In many relationships it isn’t acceptable for the man to express his honest attraction to any other woman. But the alternative is to be false — either feigning obliviousness or actually snubbing the other woman as a sign of loyalty to his first. [“God no, Jennifer Lopez is hideous.”]

Truth be told, women are only better at hiding their attractions this way. But the underlying attraction is still there. It usually comes to the surface when an attractive guy comes along who doesn’t care whether she’s really oblivious or just snubbing him — a guy who’s just honest, detached and open about his attractions generally.

So let’s just make a new agreement between the sexes.

Guys: We pledge not to take every sign of sexual attraction as a sex green light.

Ladies: You pledge not to take basic sexual attraction as a compromise of loyalty and virtue.