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I’ve seen a couple of UFOs in broad daylight, close enough to make no mistake about it. Whether they were alien crafts, top-secret military vehicles, or time travelers from our own future, who knows? One — a huge white rectangle — slowly, silently moved over the terrain a half mile in front of me and disappeared behind a nearby desert bluff; the other, a white sphere, was there in the sky overhead one second and disappeared to a dot the next.

I have no doubt we’re not alone in this universe. Assurances of astrophysicists that it isn’t possible to traverse vast distances of space seem pathetically myopic and provincial. But what bothers me is that these apparently alien visitors either aren’t careful to hide their presence from us–or they aren’t capable of hiding their presence from us.

If visiting ships have crashed here–let alone if we caused some of these crashes–then–aren’t these aliens maybe a little too much like us? Do they, like us, use advanced technologies they themselves don’t really understand? Or, after such crashes, are they actually opting just to leave behind the crash wreckage and any of their dead alien kin?

Surely they’re capable of salvage and rescue operations? Don’t they care? Is it even conceivable that they’re here visiting Earth without any support? And, by the way, what the heck is this interesting about us anyway?

All the questions raised by these discrepancies lead to the same sad conclusion: you don’t have to be human to be human.